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Metal Alloy Connector / Links   -  
Metal Alloy Connector/Links,20x20mm,Hole About:2mm,Nickel-Free,Lead-Safe,
Metal Alloy Connector/Links, 20x20mm, Hole About:2mm, Nickel-Free, Lead-Safe, sold by PC, ID 12606
ID:12606Min.Order:200 PC
Weight:8.3 gram
$0.318 $0.265$0.251
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links,17.7X10mm,Nickel-free,Lead-free,
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links, 17.7X10mm, Nickel-free, Lead-free, sold by KG, 625 PC / KG, ID 12031
ID:12031Min.Order:3 KG
Size:17.7X10mm PCS625 PC/KG
Weight:1000 gram
$14.559 $12.132$11.526
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links,36.5X26.5mm,Nickel-free,Lead-free,
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links, 36.5X26.5mm, Nickel-free, Lead-free, sold by KG, 294 PC / KG, ID 12030
ID:12030Min.Order:2 KG
Size:36.5X26.5mm PCS294 PC/KG
Weight:1000 gram
$21.176 $17.647$16.765
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links,30.5X27mm,Nickel-free,Lead-free,
Zinc Alloy Connector/Links, 30.5X27mm, Nickel-free, Lead-free, sold by KG, 357 PC / KG, ID 12028
ID:12028Min.Order:2 KG
Size:30.5X27mm PCS357 PC/KG
Weight:1000 gram
$19.853 $16.544$15.717
Alloy Connector / Links,23x37x1.5mm,plumbum black plated,
Alloy Connector / Links, 23x37x1.5mm, plumbum black plated, sold by PC, ID 4464
ID:4464Min.Order:400 PC
Weight:2.6 gram
$0.119 $0.099$0.094
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