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Cone Conical Rivet Studs   -  
Brass cone studs clasps Jewelry wholesale
Brass cone studs clasps Jewelry wholesale, 16x7mm, sold by PC, ID 27228
ID:27228Min.Order:300 PC
Weight:2.47 gram
$0.508 $0.424$0.402
Brass cone studs clasps jewelry wholesale supplies
Brass cone studs clasps jewelry wholesale supplies, 17x7.5mm, sold by PC, ID 27227
ID:27227Min.Order:300 PC
Weight:1.6 gram
$0.508 $0.424$0.402
DIY Goth Punk Spots, brass,
DIY Goth Punk Spots, brass, 12mm, sold by PC, ID 24368
ID:24368Min.Order:100 PC
Weight:1.6 gram
$0.265 $0.221$0.210
DIY Goth Punk Spots, brass,
DIY Goth Punk Spots, brass, 14mm, sold by PC, ID 24367
ID:24367Min.Order:100 PC
Weight:1.5 gram
$0.397 $0.331$0.314
Cone spikes studs,brass,punk  Leathercraft, Leathercraft
Cone spikes studs, brass, punk Leathercraft, Leathercraft, 10mm, sold by PC, ID 24164
ID:24164Min.Order:1500 PC
Weight:1.5 gram
$0.066 $0.055$0.052
Spikes Studs,dog collar spikes with rhinestone,
Spikes Studs, dog collar spikes with rhinestone, 20X11mm, hole: 1.7mm, sold by PC, ID 23969
ID:23969Min.Order:150 PC
Weight:6.1 gram
$0.476 $0.397$0.377
DIY Goth Punk Spots,brass,
DIY Goth Punk Spots, brass, 8X3X3mm, sold by PC, ID 23856
ID:23856Min.Order:400 PC
Weight:1.35 gram
$0.132 $0.110$0.105
Cone spikes rivets studs,brass,
Cone spikes rivets studs, brass, 7X3X3mm, sold by PC, ID 23855
ID:23855Min.Order:500 PC
Weight:0.85 gram
$0.106 $0.088$0.084
Round Rapid Rivet Studs,brass,punk  Leathercraft ,
Round Rapid Rivet Studs, brass, punk Leathercraft, 7X3X3mm, sold by PC, ID 23852
ID:23852Min.Order:1000 PC
Weight:1.2 gram
$0.079 $0.066$0.063
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